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Leakage Dung Plate


The Leakage Dung Plate are suitable for chicken ,duck ,goose ,rabbit, goat  and other animals and common used in modern poultry farn.

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Introduction of Leakage Dung Plate:

The Leakage Dung Plate are suitable for chicken ,duck ,goose ,rabbit, goat and other animals and common used in modern poultry farn.

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1.Pure starting materials (plastic) an injection molding for chicken coop floor, divided into brood floor,poultry floor.

2.The chicken coop floor with Corrosion resistance, aging resistance. In the original package compound added antioxidants, anti-aging agents, anti-UV agents.

3.The chicken coop floor is easy to clean and disinfect, easy washable, even with a high concentration of acidic or alkaline disinfectants, will not corrode.

5.The broiler plastic chicken coop floor joists reinforced plastic extrusion molding, into a conservancy joists Conservancy machine Conservancy joists.

6.Disposable Conservancy height during installation, can be adjusted.

7.Birdhouse Conservancy machine conservancy channel, the best control in less than two meters.

8.The chicken coop floor apply to chickens, ducks, geese, as well as fattening chickens, ducks, geese, and breeders.

9.The chicken coop floor is recyclable after cleaning and then add some crushed raw materials and chemical agents modified, by injection molding to the floor again after, but also with about 6 years.

Different capacity manual chicken feeder poultry feeder:

product name product material product size product weight
1.6 holesNew raw materials120*50cm2kg




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