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Thermal Oil Heater Popular Poultry Heaters for Poultry House


Type: chicken hatching machine

Usage: incubation equipment & reproduction apparatus

Epidemic Prevention Equipment

Power Source: electric

Heating and Ventilation Equipment Type

Operation: automatically

Certification: ISO9001:2008

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poultry house thermal oil heater products series

Oil/gas heaters(Diesel or kerosene)

1. DH series(Output heat 23KW or 43KW)

The burning heat was blowed out directly. Used in construction site or small industrial workshop, for temporary heating or drying. Can also be used in chicken brooding and pig conservation.

DH25PV have a heat exchanger and a chimney, to exhaust tail gas.

2. Tornado series(Output heat 66KW or 115KW)

This series have a special fan, can get oxygen from outside through vent and pipe. This can make burning more stable.

3. Mirage series(Output heat 36KW or 53KW or 84KW)

This series have Oxygen fan can get oxygen from outside, and efficient heat exchanger, this can exhaust tail gas, making blow hot airs clean.

Our special design is the air outlet have a baffle in no wind area, make outlet air strong, can blow further through the air-discharge pipe.

4. Helios series(Output heat 140KW/145KW/174KW/195KW)

Helios using the isolated independent burner, burn oil or gas. Burning chamber is multipass exchange heat,heat effiency, exhaust tail gas the same time.

Our burner using the Riello(Italy brand) burner, more durable.


Feature of the diesel fuel heater :

1. Robust and tough design

2. Function on diesel oil or kerosene

3. Stainless steel combustion chamber with fan cooling

4. Durable external powder coating

5. With flame sensor

6. If no oil , heater will cut off the power

7. Fixed Oil display

8. Cut-off protection,re-plugged in will not work automatically

9. Low pressure atomization,combustion completely

10. Waterproof class IPX4

11. With P.C.panel to smart setting temperature

12. Easy maintenance

13. Ideal for heating warehouses, factories and workshops

Parameter of the diesel fuel heater:

Model DH-20DH-40
Heat output capacity(KW) 2343
kilocalorie/H 2000037000
Air volume 400 m³/h1050m³/h
Power 100W250W
Average fuel consumption 1.8L/H3L/H
Fuel tank capacity 21L42L
Source power 220V-50Hz220V-50Hz
Weight 26kg37kg
Wide 360mm440mm
Length 810mm930mm
Height 380mm570mm
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