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Drinking Cups Chicken Hanging Automatic Water Bowl Nipple Drinkers Chicken Farming Tools


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Model Number: many

Category: nipple drinking water

Construction: cylinder (or steel ball),nipple,waterproof gasket

Pipe Diameter: 25mm and other size

Direction of Water: 360 degrees

Material: ABS

Color: Red or Yellow or other colors you want

Application: Poultry farm house

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Hot-selling-automatic-steel-ball-poultry-water.jpg_350x350.jpgPoultry Nipple Drinker has shown us their advantage.

Its water keep poultry without sickness.

Its heavier bar seal the water without flow when the chicks do not drinking.

Can keep the litter dry.

It will be give your birds as much water as they need without wasting a drop.

Details of Thread type of chicken nipple drinker .


1.  Poultry drinker&feeder is made of super quality plastic

2. With Anti-UV additive

3. Professional design with galvanized hanging

4. Transferable design easy for wash

5. Kinds of color is available

6. Screen printing is available

Main features:

1. High strength, corrosion resistance;

2. Long using life and recyclable;

3. Color and size are same;

4. Maintenance free and safer than wooden;

5. Can print your LOGO as your require;

6. Plastic with 100% PP material;

7. Cleanable, Non-poisonous plastic for the Most Stringent sanitay Demands;

8. Recyclable, durable and washable.

Name latest chicken nipple drinkers
Material 201 stainless steel trigger pin+ PP plastic clip+PVC pipe
Details 1. 201 stainless steel trigger pin
2. PP plastic clip
3. Rubber seal. Suitable for outer.diameter 25mm PVC round Pipe
4. Color can adjust accord to customer's request

Pipe diameter: 25mm

Direction of water: 360 degrees

Category: nipple drinking water

Material: ABS

Color: Yellow

Construction: cylinder (or steel ball), ABS frame, nipple drinking water, waterproof gasket

Uses: chicken drinking fountains

Appearance: hanging cup drinking fountains

Net weight: about 25.5g / 1 pcs

Application: Farm Animal Supplies

The nipple drinking system is using the best material and scientific design to make sure the the chickens can grown up with a healthy drink and a comfortable environment.


It is brilliant for all those parts below.

1.Made up of best plastic, so it's light in weight and long life span in usage

2.No leaking ,save water & feed .convenient to dismantle & use .The nipple is made of stainless steel ,so no leaking .it is designed in a scientific way ,very easy to install &dismantle .

3.Keep the water from dropping onto the floor, so it can be dry. Improving the environment of the shed.The nipple is made of cone shape stainless steel ,so the water can’t drop onto the floor ,to keep the shed dry.

4.the drink cup is small and installed on the pipe ,so it can save a lot of raising space.

5.automatic function lower the labor intensity .

6.water is inside the pipe ,so it can be clean & fresh .also ,it can prevent the epidemic.

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