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Durable Poultry Equipment Chicken Water Purification Filter PP Poultry Farm Equipment


Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Name: Poultry farm water line filter for chicken pre poultry water filter

Application: poultry water filter

Material: Plastic+ABS

Color: yellow, red, blue

Usage: poultry water pressure regulator

Advantage: China factory direct sale

Packing: Carton Packed

MOQ: 10 pcs

Application to: water line chicken purifier chicken drinking poultry water filter

Service: 5 Years

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1. It is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference,

2. when the water in the under pressure to cut imports to enter the device, it will produce intense vortex,

large density of dust falling from desander.

3. In the end portion is discharged from the bottom of the flushing port. The density of small water upward

through the second outlet of the stainless steel mesh over filter, so as to achieve the purpose except sand.

Infiltration type Water Purification Filter for poultry drinking line

1. Infiltration filter for drinking line is made of PP,which can tolarate weak acid and weak base

2. Different color customized

3. The filter resist bursting and tearing

4. High quality rubber ring could prevent leakage

5. The plate could fixed position

6. Fully equipped with accessories

7. Connected with PVC pipe through directconnection, filter the impurities in the water

8. Transparent material, strong sealing,installation simply , very fine mesh,easily unpick and wash

colour white ,and bule transparent
port size 1/4" and 1/2"
max pressure 380psi
normail pressure 100psi---250psi
type exteral thread


1. No energy consumption, in addition to good sand effect, especially for high quality sediment concentration systems use.

2. Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate, without frequent replacement of filters,safe and reliable, no pollution on water quality.

3. Compared with other devices in addition to the sand, with a small handle large amount of water without covering the advantages of hanging installation.

4. Using a wide range, it can be widely used in water, well water except sand, coal washing water treatment, industrial washing, liquid-solid separation and the separation of non-interoperable solutions, etc.

5. Effectively reduce the health threats of unclean water caused by a variety of livestock and reduce disease, reduce the risk of farming, reducing the cost of prevention medication.


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