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Low Price High Quality Poultry Farm Equipment Automatic Control System Driving Motor


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Name: motor

Power: 0.75kw and others

Voltage: 380v/220V

Frequency: 50hz, three-phase AC current

Quality Assurance(QAS): Quality Assurance

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Poultry Farm Equipment Automatic Control System Driving Motor

 silo/manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line. There is a feed sensor at the end of main feed line which controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery from silo or manpower hopper/feed bin to vice hopper in each feeding line.

  silo with standard ladder and guard railing is safe and reliable.

  solid connection and good sealing performance

  This three-phase induction motor commonly is used for industrial production and daily electric appliance and has a big proportion in micro-electric-machinery.Horsepower series electric machinery is widely used for small model machinery, such as small model air-compressed,mineral industry tools,spinner,chemical industrial equipment and medical instrument, ect. YS type 3-phase asynchronous motor, power at 180-750watt, starting force at 2.2 times, overload capacity at 2.4 times.

  The designations, signs and nominal values are all in conformity with I.E.C standards.


  1) Water dust and corrosion resistant

  2) Quiet operation

  3) Simple,safe,and convenient

  4) Reliable in country, city or factory environment

  5) Very low vibration

  6) Very low power consumption

  7) Superior life

  8) High output and high torque


Site conditionsMotors are suitable for most working environment at temperature from -15°C t0 +40°C and altitude below 1000 meters
InsulationThe motors' insulation system is set to Class F(105K), examined by Class B(80K), which ensure the life span and reliability of the motors.
Motor protectionMotors can be installed with PTC, PT100 used as winding and bearing temperature measurement on request.
Voltage and frequencyStandard voltage and frequency is 380V 50HZ, and can be set to any single voltage in the range of 200-660V at a frequency of 50 or 60HZ. The motors work well within variations of ±5% from the rated voltage.
VibrationMotors are designed to vibration class A, vibration class B is available on request.
Cooling and ventilationThe standard cooling method is totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC) in accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-6. Standard motors are equipped with auxiliary plastic fans.
Winding100% Cooper Wire
Protection classThe standard protection class is IP54/IP55, which can be used in humid and dusty environment. Higher degrees of protection is available.
Quality assuranceFrom the first line of production designing till the finishing procedure, obey ISO9001 documented quality system.

1Shaft cover11IP55 gasket21Ring for lightening
2V-ring12Mains power connection terminal block22Fan cover
3Motor clamping screws13Terminal block box- base23Motor indentification plate
4Spring ring14IP65 gasket24Motor indentification plate lightening screws
5Shield15Terminal block box- cover25B5 motor casing
6Bearing16Terminal block box- lightening screws26B5 flange
7Motor Shaft17Cable inlet bush27B14 flange
8Rotor18Compensation ring28Sealing ring
9Wound stator19Fan cover lightening screws29Shaft key
10Motor casing B3-B520PVC fan 

Process of Production:




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