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Wholesale Chick Farm House Manual Plastic Poultry Feeder


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Name: automatic pan feeder for poultry broiler chicken farming house

Color: red or yellow or other colors

Usage: Chicken Feeding

Size: 16holes,14holes,6holes

Material: PP

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Each pan can supply 40-60 broiler

Material: PP

Weight: 0.75KG

Height: 28cm

Grills: 6 Grill 14 grill 16 grill

Diameter: 33cm

Color: red&yellow&orange&white

Pan feeding system

The core of Feeding System is the Feeding Pan.

1)Feeding System

Feed pan is the core of feeding system. Fodder in the hopper is delivered by the motor, through delivery pipe to fill the feeding pans one by one.

2)Delivery System

The function of delivery system is to transmit the fodder in the silo to the hopper of feeding system which is inside the house; control system indicates delivery system to work automatically.

3)Feed Storage System (Silo)

Fodder of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so to save large amount of packages and labor force,also to ensure the fodder is health and fresh.

4)Electronic Control

Electronic part controls the whole system. That control box works sensitively and steadily is extremely important.


Designed to Save Feed

Grids make the fodder distributed equally. avoid waste.

Keep the birds from pushing the feed out of the pan

Superior Quality

PP material with added-in antioxidant and anti-UV

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Polished finish, Non-corroding, all-plastic construction.

Feed more

The red coloring attracts birds so they will feed more.


Max feeding length 150m
Feeding pan grids  4 for duck and 14 for broiler
Feeding pipe unit 3m
Winch rated load  3500 pond
Hopper capacity  110L-150L
Driving motor 0.75W 350V
Feeding pan  3m/3holes/unit  3m/4holes/unit
Feed pan colour  Red yellow/ grey yellow
Feeding pipe  Ø45mm
Hanging point 3m
Feeding pan  45-60birds/pan
Hanging wire steel

Installation and dismantlement of feeder are extremely easy, one person can operate easily.

It is composed of five different elements:

The pan which features a special shape designed to avoid waste

The adjustment device that dispenses the feed accurately

The grild designed to ensure easy access and featuring a special spill proof edge

The Internal cone, Designed with 3 openings to facilitate feed flow for chicks

Montage of the feed pan easy and the special opening on top is for a steel cable that will keep the chicken from climbing on the feed line.

Advantage of the Chicken Farm Automatic Feeder For Broiler :

1. Rills feed pan with special designed, Moderate quantity of the grill for chicks at different ages, that can save feed and even the brood chickens.

2. W shallow plate, 5.5 plate edge height makes brood chicken go in and out conveniently

3. No need to open feed pan. Perch feed downfall shutter is used for brood chickens, feed downfalls to the side of W shallow plate, to make sure that even the chicken stand outside the pans, they can also eat feed conveniently

4. It looks colourful, so that chicken can easy see the feed pan and eat the feed

5. PP material,Firm and durable, corrosion resistance, long using life

Convenient to dismantle, Easy to clean


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