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100 Kg to 1.5 Ton Capacity Feed Hopper for Poultry Farming House


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Using: poultry and livestock farming

The Galvanized Weight: 275g/㎡

The Material: hot galvanized steel

The Capacity: from 100kg to 1.5Ton

Galvanized Sheet Thickness: 1.2mm

Using Life: 10~12 years

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Capacity Feed Hopper for Poultry Farming House


Use galvanized steel material, there are series capacity for silo, you can choose according to your requirement. There is a standard ladder for each silo, it's safe and reliable.

1. Firm connection and good sealing

2. High-quality plates, for more than 10 year service life.

3. Silo has standard ladder, with protecting baluster, safe and reliable.

4. High quality steel material.


Model Volume Height(no foundation) Diameter

Performance parameters of main stockline system:

a. High-quality special driving reduction motor

power:0.75kw,voltage:380v,frequency:50HZ,three phase AC current

b. Feeding system

Diamater of conveying pipe:ø75*3.6mm, material:PVC

Helical spring auger from South Africa,Feeding converying length:60m

Radius of bending pipe:R1500(inclination angle:30 degrees)

c. Material level sensor from Israel

Time delay range 0 to 2 hours


1. Low investment cost, small footprint, suitable for small and medium-sized house. Installation is simple, low cost of late maintenance.

2. With the use of automatic feeding line, you can reduce the labor input.


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