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Artificial egg-picking egg-laying box Supplier

2019-04-29 09:17:40

This product USES the hot galvanized sheet material mold processing, the part size standard specification, the overall structure is compact, the installment disassembly is convenient, is suitable for the breeding chicken to produce the egg use.The left wall and the right wall of the egg-laying box are provided with several round holes for ventilation to ensure better ventilation in the box.The top of the egg-laying box is provided with a shelving frame;In addition, the separation net or partition wall between the left and right walls can effectively form each egg laying point into an independent unit, avoiding the egg laying hens from entering adjacent egg laying points and causing egg breakage.

  My company's production of artificial egg-picking egg-laying box has 24 points of common type and automatic rolling type 24 points of two.Another high-grade "automatic egg production box", the product is the latest research and development of new products, in line with the direction of future development, can save a lot of labor costs, it may be said to be cheap, cost-effective alternative products.

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  Automatic egg-collecting egg-laying box is a new type of breeding chicken feeding equipment independently developed by our company since February 2013. The size: 2000*675*860mm, and three national patents have been obtained.

  The automatic egg-collecting egg-laying box has the following installation forms: one is a single-side wall-mounted installation;Second, the chicken house network hanging lifting Ann

  Loading;Seeding egg transportation is divided into pre - transportation and post - transportation;Set the automatic switch time every day, egg collecting station manual sorting, packing, can save a lot of labor, reduce the rate of broken eggs and dirty eggs, improve breeding automation level.

  Our company produces the high quality artificial egg box, select the material is exquisite (high zinc layer hot zinc plate) the processing method is advanced, USES the entire number

  Control equipment programming processing, high degree of product standardization, parts interchange performance, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, box

  There are several air holes on the inner partition wall to keep the box ventilated.The partition board inside the box will form a separate unit for each egg laying hole to avoid the hen to wear

  Egg production.

  There are two specifications of 20 and 24 holes.

  Plastic straw mat, specification: 250*300mm, 250*370mm

  Plastic straw matting specially designed for egg cartons.Features: soft and comfortable, reduce the rate of broken eggs, save bedding materials, improve the efficiency of egg picking.

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