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Automatic Egg Collection Systems Supplier

2019-06-19 03:57:14
Our Automatic egg collector system is designed in a user-friendly and less-complex way that ensures a maximum production rate of hen egg in a minimum effort from the egg laying chickens. Before letting the eggs to enter the collection system, we make sure that the eggs go through a soft egg rejection device that would prevent the broken eggs not to block the ways of good eggs to enter the collector.

Artificial egg-picking egg-laying box Supplier.jpg

  Take these following questions into consideration before enabling Automatic egg collection systems into your poultry system:

  Are the cages or houses of the birds are built in different elevations or different ground levels?

  How much large is the capacity of the packer and the sorting system of the poultry of egg laying chickens?

  Do your plans include collecting the eggs separately for each of the folks or not?

  According to the answers of these mentioned questions, you have to decide the type and dimension of the automatic egg collection system from egg laying chickens you want to embed with your egg laying chickens.

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