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Automatic Feeding System Poultry For Sale

2019-01-24 02:43:06

Automatic Feeding System Poultry  Parameters:

1).V-type concentric hopper, made of high quality galvanized sheet of 1.5mm, with capacity of 

120 liters(80kg).

2).Pan feeder, made of pure engineering plastic, 14-grid(Ø330mm) and 16-grid(Ø360mm), 

available for you choice.

3).High quality hot-dipped galvanized conveying pipe, with diameter of 45mm, 3 or 4 holes.

4).Drive gear motor, 750W, 380V, and the conveying capacity is 450kg/h.

5).Suspension bidirectional lifting winch of 3500lbs.

6).High-carbon manganese steel spiral auger, imported from South Africa.

7).Feeding control sensor, made in Germany.

8).Feeder pan, easy and convenient cleaning and disinfecting; and can be used as feeder pan for

 little birds after being disassembl .

Poultry House Equipment Suppliers.jpg


1.Before we make the quotation for  feeding and drinking system,we need to know:  

 -Chicken farm size (Length * Width * Height);

 -Quantity of broilers in one farm;

-Weight of broilers when sold in market;

2.Q: Are you a trading company or a factory ?             

A:  We are factory

Q: What kind of voltage can You  do,   can you customize the voltage?

A:  We can do almost all types of voltage, but for special voltages , Universal voltage is 380V and 


Q: I want to use our own brand , is it ok?

A:  No problem , we can provide OEM products and our own brand products , no matter what

 you demand, we can meet you.

 Q: Do you supply sample ?

A: Yes.We Supply sample free, but the client should pay for the freight fee.

our company as a Chicken Farm Equipment Poultry factory ,if you need that pls contact us.

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