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Automatic Poultry Chicken Drinking System

2019-07-09 04:00:40
Automatic poultry nipple drinker is suitable for chicken, hen, duck, goose etc poultry, it is widely used in the chicken farm, labor-saving.

  Chicken nipple watering system:

  1. No spring, no leather pad design, and the problems of aging of spring and skin cushion of traditional drinking water are solved.

  2. Sensitive and reliable, 360 degree water outlet.

  3. Light valve force can easily move the stem from the side and vertical direction.

  4. Vertical opening mode of the upper stem, make the main seal will never wear out.

  5. Precision design, sturdy and durable. The service life is about 3-5 years.

chicken nipple drinker For Sale .jpg


  This is the factory directly. We've been producing poultry watering equipments for many years. With quality inspection team, strong technical force, professional product development designer, quality and price are reliable.


  1. Q : How do I pay for my purchase order of plastic poultry drinker cups?

  A : T/T, L/C ,Western Union

  2. Q : What's the MOQ?

  A: Our MOQ is 1000 pcs.

  3. Q : What's the delivery time?

  A: It will take about 10 days to finish an order after received the Advance payment. But the exact time is according to actual situation.

  our company as a Automatic Poultry Chicken Drinking System Supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

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