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Automatic Poultry Feeding System Supplier

2019-02-21 03:39:59

Automatic Poultry Feeding System is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labour 

availability and increase in labour costs. Dhumal products are designed and built to last for years 

of quality services. The automatic Feeding Systems are ideal for the big farms starting from more 

than 4000 birds.

We offer a range of systems for broilers and breeders. While the broiler range is designed to 

focus on High FCR & lowest feed wastage, the breeder range target accurate feeding & ease of 

use to your workforce & managers at the farm.

This is because of feed retaining arches which from day 3 onwards prevents the chicks from 

getting into the pan. This prevents the feed from contamination and caking. This Ezypan Feeding 

System uses a winch which changes the plentiful supply of feeds for young chicks to controlled 

feeding for the remainder of growing period. This is done with only one movement for the entire 

line. The specially designed retaining arches encourages the birds to feed from the centre of pan,

 preventing them from pushing the feed towards the rim, a vital consideration in prevention of 

feed wastage. The feed level can be easily changed using regulator ring which offers 3 setting 

options, and a final precaution, a 4 mm waste lip inside the rim of the pan prevents any actual 

spillage of feed.

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Lower the pan on ground. Pan opens up for chicks;

Prevents chicks from entering the pan;

No droppings, avoids cross-contamination;

Easy access: Smaller diameter and low height of the pan allows the chicks to reach the entry 

point of the feed. Stimulates natural instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of feed in the 

first week.

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