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Automatic egg box

2019-05-10 08:11:48

  It is composed of egg-laying box, variable speed egg collecting platform, preset egg duct, egg collecting box, driven control system and soft driving system

  The main egg box is made of galvanized steel. Open egg carton structure for easy control and maintenance. Modular structure, easy to disassemble and install.

Automatic egg box.jpg

  1) Two-bedroom egg laying bed ensures sufficient space for the nest. Each group of laying boxes is counted at 5 chickens/wolf, and each group of laying boxes can be used to lay eggs for 80 sets of breeders.

  2) The small grass leaf type straw mat effectively avoids the breakage of the egg with its softness, and improves the cleanliness of the egg due to the reduction of the contact surface of the grass leaf with the egg.

  At the same time, the smoothness of the straw mat also avoids the accumulation of feces on the mat, easy to rinse, and easy to clean. The physiological characteristics of the chicken can be used to ensure that the mat is self-cleaning.

  3) Using the pre-collection egg system, when the egg laying room is closed at night, the eggs stuck on the straw mat can be smoothly entered into the egg collecting box, thereby avoiding the retention and fouling of the eggs in the laying room.

  4) The use of the platform type variable speed egg head can be controlled according to the size of the egg production, reduce energy consumption, better ensure the integrity of the egg, and make the egg not easy to break.

  5) The driven automatic control system enables the egg laying room to be automatically turned on and off as soon as the light is switched on and off.

  6) The gentle chicken drive system keeps the chickens from irritating and the equipment is more human.

  7) Fixing the side walls to make the house more spacious, suitable for the width of the house from 12 meters to 14 meters, no need to disassemble the nest after the laying of eggs

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