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Best Price Automatic Chicken Feeder Pan

2019-08-19 09:16:20

  Automatic chicken feeder system are widely used in broilers, layers, ducks, gooses etc Main automatic chicken feeder systemy a complete set of automatic feeding system, including a material conveying pipe,silo, auger, drive motor and a material level sensor. Main Feed line is mainly used to deliver feed from silo to the hopper in the feeding pan system .There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line, which can control the drive motor on and off to realize automatically feeding.

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Application: Best Price Automatic Chicken Feeder Pan

  Place of origin: Zhengzhou 450001 of China

  Design concept: uniform feeding, reliable use, less waste

  Key parts: plastic pan, pan grid

  Service: accept customized design and OEM manufacturing

  Chicken Feeder Pan Description

  1. Single pan includes 14 outlets

  2. Sinlge outlet openning can be adjusted

  3. Feeding volume oepning can adjusted

  Main Features Best Price Automatic Chicken automatic Feeder Pan

  1. The broiler pan feeder is designed for growing

  2. broilers from day old chick till slaughter.

  3. There are 13 feed levels to meet different bird age. Simple and easy to adjust feed level.

  4. Unique design of pan rim shape prevents wastage of feed.

  5. Smooth shape of the pan rim prevents injuries in the final grow-out period.

  6. Distance between 2 pans is 750mm or customized.

  7. The complete pan feeder made of pure PP with UV-resistance, very long life span.

  8. Flexible grill bars make the day-old chicks can easily get in and out of the feed pan.

  9. All parts can easily be cleaned by means of a high-pressure cleaner.

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