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Chicken care essentials for poultry

2019-03-26 06:35:22
Chicken nutrition is important

It is a common misperception that chickens can be fed on corn kernels or kitchen scraps alone. Chickens need a balanced diet, like one of the commercially available feeds that have been carefully formulated by nutritionists specifically for adult hens. The protein requirements of chickens change with the birds’ age, so it’s important to feed an age-appropriate diet.

Laying hens also need access to a supplemental source of course calcium, such as limestone (available at livestock supply stores) if their feed ration does not already contain enough. In addition to calcium, hard insoluble granite grit should be fed, free choice, 2 or 3 days per month. For more accuracy and efficiency, it’s wise to use automated processes of feeding chicken.

Chickens enjoy fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables in addition to their regular feed, but certain plants can be toxic. Avoid raw green potato peels, dried or under cooked beans, and avocados. Chickens should receive fresh feed and water daily—discard any feed that is old, moldy, or stale.

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Prevent disease

Chickens can carry and become ill from a variety of infectious diseases. It is important to keep the hens’ environment clean with regular manure removal, and by washing the feed and water containers. You should also avoid mixing birds from different flocks. (Temporarily quarantine any new birds for two weeks and watch them closely for signs of illness or parasites before introducing them into an already established group.) Don’t share equipment with neighbors (each chicken house should have dedicated tools, wheelbarrows, buckets, etc.), because pathogenic organisms can travel on these items. Diseases can spread to chickens from pet birds and wild birds, so limit contact where possible.


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