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Healthy Accommodation: Chicken Cage

2019-09-16 11:11:29

   Housing of the pet chickens are not less important than any other factors. So maintaining a healthy place and temper to live is the most important issue to care about.

  Chicken cages and coops are the place where chicks live as long as farming is concerned. Different types of cages are available for different types of chickens and farming strategies.

  Also, finding a perfect dealer whom you can trust for your investment on chicken cage is a really hard thing to find. As an expert, I would recommend to have a look WZH chicken cages collection. They have been selling solid A Type and H Type Layer Chicken Cage of four different types-

  Baby Chicken Cage

  Chicken layer cage

  Broiler chicken cage

  Battery chicken cage

A-Type Chicken Cage For Poultry Layer.jpgAutomatic chicken farm feeder system.jpg

Chickens are heat- and cold-sensitive

  Like dogs and cats, chickens must have shelter to protect them from temperature extremes. Hens and roosters with large single combs are prone to frostbite in cooler climates, and all chickens need shade during periods of heat. It is important that the shelter is both insulated and well-ventilated. Straw bedding will add comfort and warmth to a shelter’s floor space, but it should be replaced regularly with new, clean straw. Use a efficient cooling system and exhaust support with a poultry exhaust fan for keeping the space dry.

  Predator protection is vital

  Chickens need absolutely secure shelter at night or they can easily fall prey to urban wildlife like raccoons and opossums. Dogs may also attack chickens. They must be completely enclosed in a safe hen house, with four solid walls and a sturdy roof, every night. Predators can also dig under fences and walls, so this should be considered when planning the chickens’ home. During the day, chickens should be kept in a fully-fenced enclosure or yard with proper protection from aerial day-time predators, neighborhood dogs and, in the case of small bantam hens, free-roaming cats.

  Hens need an appropriate environment

  Hens need an enclosed nesting space (a “nestbox”) in which to lay their eggs. They also need an elevated roost on which to perch at night; this is where they prefer to sleep. HIGHTOP chicken cages provide an ample amount of space and proportional allowance of air and light to ensure healthy growth of the chickens inside. For getting more on HIGHTOP chicken cages, you can visit the website. Hens enjoy loose substrate such as dirt, sand, or peat for dust bathing, and they should also have free access to grass and other vegetation to engage in natural pecking, scratching, and foraging behaviors. Often-used areas may become denuded, and it is important to provide plenty of space, giving them as much room as possible to express natural behavior outdoors. Hen houses, coops, and runs must be kept very clean at all times, for the health of the chickens and the food safety of the eggs.

  To ensure maximum safety and healthy rearing, go through the chicken cages for baby, broiler and battery cage hens.

  Chickens will require veterinary care

  While it may be tempting to think of a backyard flock as a source of inexpensive eggs, hens, like cats and dogs, require periodic veterinary care. Chickens can become ill or get injured, and vet exams and treatment can easily cost over $100 per visit. These expenses should be carefully considered before the decision is made to keep backyard chickens. Not all avian veterinarians are experienced with chickens, so be sure to locate a trusted poultry vet in your area ahead of time. Also, proper manure cleaning and automatic egg collection system will add up to this process.

  Vacation help is a must

  Since chickens require daily care, a designated caretaker must be arranged for vacations and other periods away from the house. Someone must be present to feed and water the hens and to put them inside their secure shelter every evening.

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