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How to Choosing the Perfect Incubator

2019-11-13 10:34:43

  Choosing the Perfect Incubator

  Before we start it’s worth saying – the cheaper the incubator the more work there is for you. Checking of temperature/humidity several times a day, turning the eggs several times a day – it can be difficult to do if you are working during the day.

Full Automatic Poultry Egg Incubator.jpg

  Basic incubators are cheap, easy to use and generally work pretty well.

  They will have a heating element and perhaps a fan. They also have water channels and a platform on which to rest the eggs.

  The still air box is exactly what it says. There is no circulation of the warmed air throughout the box.

  This can lead to some areas of the box having warmer or cooler spots. If you remember your science lessons from school you will remember that warm air rises above the cool air. The variance in temperature can be as much as 5 degrees; this can affect hatching.

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