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Modern Design Steel Structure Broiler Poultry Farm

2019-10-11 11:22:46

  steel structure design poultry :

  If you are interested in our company and our products , some information need to from you firstly as follows :

  Dimension : length, width, height, eave height, roof pitch, etc

  Design load : wind load, snow load, raining condition, aseismatic requirements, etc

  Insulation material : sandwich panel or steel sheet, which materials and specification you need

  If you have the specific drawing , it is better for us to offer you a detailed price.

  Poultry house is a kind of light steel structure with the main framework which is composed of main feeding system, chain feeding system, nipple drinking system , ventilation system, environmental control system, and spraying system. The wall is made with EPS, PU, fiber glass, or rock wool sandwich panel or steel mesh. The roof is made with one layer corrugated steel sheet or colored sandwich panels.

  The house is also equipped with automatic curtain machine which is able to automatically open and close the curtain according to the light intensity, external damper fan or ventilation, and tunnel ventilation system and heating system which can creat more comfortable environment for the poultry.


  Basic Design Requirements: design Load: (very important)

  1. Snow load:

  2. Wind load:

  3. Seismic magnitude:

  4. Middle Column allowed or not:

  5. Project location:

  6. Length (side wall, m):

  7. Width (end wall, m):

  8. Wall Height (eave, m):

  9. Mezzanine or not? And usage:

  Building Purpose: we will recommend the best design for the purpose of the building

  A. Warehouse/Storage

  B. Factory

  C. Agriculture Barn

  D. Retail Store

  E. Repair/Mechanic Shop

  F. Office Space

  G. Medical Warehouse

  H. Animal Farm (please confirm what kind of animal)

  our company as a Poultry Equipment Manufacturers in China ,if you need that pls contact us.

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