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Nipple Drinker For Poultry Farming Online

2019-01-10 06:54:35

Chicken nipple watering system:

1. No spring, no leather pad design, and the problems of aging of spring and skin cushion of

 traditional drinking water are solved.

2. Sensitive and reliable, 360 degree water outlet.

3. Light valve force can easily move the stem from the side and vertical direction.

4. Vertical opening mode of the upper stem, make the main seal will never wear out.

5. Precision design, sturdy and durable. The service life is about 3-5 years.

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Waterline to be flat and install one end of the hydraulic regulator slightly raised to prevent the 

occurrence of air plug phenomenon.

Pad net to flat pad especially during the first week of brooding.

All through the waterline of the drug must be completely dissolved in water after filtration by 

adding, not precipitation and crystallization, must not be insoluble in water or not completely 

dissolved in water drugs added to the water line to avoid clogging nipples.

Regularly washed water line, check the nipple, to prevent water leakage.

Empty house after the need to use low soapy water (the ratio of 1%-1.5%) washed water line, 

and then 0.2% acetic acid solution into the water line, and finally washed with water.

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