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Poultry Automatic Feeding System for Farm House

2019-10-16 15:51:24
 Poultry Automatic Pan Feeding System including:Hopper,conveying-pipe and auger inside,pan feeder,Feed sensor and driving motor,suspension lifting system and motor system.

  Pan feeding line:There is a feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motor one and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.

  Advantages:Reduce labor intensity,one person is enough for one house.

  Feeder pan:You can choose which you like.

  The tray is convex an concave structure which is convenient for broiler feeding

  The bottom of the dish can be quickly removed as brooding purposes

  cutting capacity adjustable, with swith chip

  Bottom hinge connection, easy to flush

  Pur raw materials, anti- aging, no cracking, no deformation.


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