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Poultry Drinking System manufacturer

2019-06-12 10:26:22

poultry drinking system includes the filter, the doser, the pressure regulator and the drinker, which adopts the most advanced technology and excellent design. The poultry automatic drinking systems are the main water source of all chickens. With the function of the pressure regulator and the filter, the water pressure is reduced to a certain degree. The water with reduced pressure flows through a water meter where the water consumption can be read. Directed by a pipe system, the filtered water flow to the pressure reducer of each individual drinking line. The pressure reducer enables low pressure for optimal functioning of the drinkers. The water is now available to the all chickens. What’s more, the water can add medicine and/or vitamins to the water to prevent chicken disease.

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  Features of Poultry Drinking System from WZH Industry:

  1. A simple, reliable water supply: better hygiene, better control of water temperature and easy access to water for chickens.

  2. Adopt the advanced nipple drinker with no leakage, which helps keep the poultry cage dry for the comfort and health of chickens.

  3. The poultry drinker of WZH poultry drinking system is manufactured with high-grade stainless steel with wear-resistance.

  4. Optimal supply of medication and additives of the drinking systems for chickens ensures the health of chickens.

  5. The poultry drinking system manufactured by WZH industry contains no fragile mechanisms, which guarantees the long service life and the minimum maintenance of automatic poultry drinking system.

  6. The valve components and large cross-section arrangement of poultry automatic drinking system provide the optimal protection against contamination, which ensure the drinking water is clean and hygiene.

  7. The poultry drinking system is available in different poultry cage system for different chickens.

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