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Poultry House Environment Control Box System

2019-04-25 04:41:38

  Points for Attention During Installation of Exhaust Fan System

  Extreme climate conditions of an area should keep in mind to design this system.

  When it is installed the ventilation equipment you have to follow the design and the specifications

The Roles of Exhaust Fan in Chicken Farm.jpg

  The building should be filled with birds to designed the capacity for the system balance.

  Insulation of the structure must be based on the intended use and local weather conditions.

  To be protected from rapid deterioration insulation should be of the proper type and installed.

  You should adjust the ventilation system seasonally and clean it regularly.

  For extreme climatic conditions supplemental heat and cooling should be provided.

  Periodical service and good maintenance is needed for all equipment(fans and controls).

  Good management for the poultry, the building and the ventilation system should be provided.

  In case of power failure a stand-by electric generating equipment and/or a suitable alarm system should be available.

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