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Steel Structure Prefab Poultry Farming Manufacturer

2019-10-23 15:59:48

  Steel Structure Prefab Poultry Farming Manufacturer

  Ⅰ. Material grade

  1.Carbon structural steel: Q235.

  2.High-strength structural steel :Q345

  3.Special purpose steel t

  ⅡQuality standard

  1.Certificate: ISO9001:2000

  2.Code for design of steel structure: GB 50017-2003

  3.Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure: GB50018-2002

  4.Load code for the design of building structures. GB 50009-2006

  5.Construction quality acceptance of steel: GB50205-2001

  6.Code for design, construction and acceptance of high strength for steel structure, JGJ82-2011

  7.Technical specification for welding of steel structure building: JGJ 81-2002

  8.Technical specification for steel Structures of tall buildings: (JGJ99-98)


  Ⅲ. Structure Assembly

  1.Steel Framework:

  Component: H-Column, H-Beam & C/Z-Purlin

  Connection of steel structure method: Welding, Bolted

  2.Surface treatment: Painting, Galvanized

  3.Roof &Wall: colored steel tiles or colored steel sandwich panel as per


  4.Doors: Rolling or Pushing, as request


  1.Stable and Aesthetic

  2.Structure is durable for 50years

  3.Fast and easy to install

  4.Extensive Applications: Storage, Warehouse, Exhibition Hall,Terminal Building, Stadium, Theater, Special-shaped Buildings, etc

  5.High anti-rust performance

  6.Flexible composition: Doors and Day-lighting roof could be installed at any position

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