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Temperature Controlling of the Chicken Poultry House

2019-03-01 06:26:13

Temperature Controlling of Poultry House – Cooling Pad and Exhaust Fan

At this moment by considering all the prospects, you might have realized that cooling pads and exhaust fans are a must for every poultry farm.

Let’s consider an insight on the in-depth working procedure of both of them.

Temperature Controlling of the Chicken Poultry House.jpg

Why This Is Important?

Poultry feed is too rich in energy/calories (same as energy density to chocolate cake including frosting). The energy in these feed is used by the birds to grow up, produce more eggs, move, as well as, power the main functions of life (breathing, pumping blood, maintaining body temperature, immunity, etc). Though we consider birds as very efficient animals, the true statement is that only 25% of the calories in the feed consumed is used for these functions, the remaining 75% is put off in the form of heat – heat a bird have to rid itself of in order to conserve normal body temperature and survive as well.

Many poultry farm are equipped with cooling systems which consist of some arrangement of cool cell pads at one end of the farm and large tunnel exhort fans at the opposite end. To main operation of their evaporative cooling procedures, poultry farm growers must have a understanding of the relationship between temperature and humidity and the effect it has on birds. The relationship have to be both simple and complicated.


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