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The benefits of poultry farming

2019-09-25 14:43:10

  Importance of Poultry Marketing Plan in Poultry

  Poultry has a very importance for mankind by supplying food, economy and the generation of employment, etc. It plays an important role directly or indirectly. Such as:

  Source of getting food:

  We can get minerals and vitamins from poultry meats. Poor people can get an income source easily from poultry business. Hare anyone can do many works earns money for his / her livelihood.

  The meats and eggs of poultry supply rich protein and human can cook this very easily.

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  Using in Industry

  Egg- At the time of vaccine preparation, decay eggs are used as fertilizers and animal feed.

  Egg Yolk– At the time making cake mixed, Soaps, shampoos, painting etc. We can use the egg yolk.

  Feathers- In animal feed, pillows, cushions, dusters and like insulating materials are made by the feathers of poultry.

  Egg Shell– Mineral mixed fertilizers, decoration, mosaic, works and etc are made by egg shell.


  The intention of research:

  Fancy, easily available and make an advantages business. Even huge numbers of chickens hatched is another purpose of this business.

  Natural substance: Feathers, Eggshells and unnecessary parts of the poultry are used like natural substance.

  Income Source:

  Poultry farming and poultry rearing are very good sources of earn money.

  Through selling poultry and its products village, women’s can earn extra money.

  Employment source:

  By family poultry farming, Rural women’s can use their generally wastes time. WZH in the different marketing channel, can employ by the marketing of poultry and its products. Poultry farming plays an important role in removing poverty by creating employment progress.

  still and all poultry is doubtlessly a blessing for human to survive best social and economic world.


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