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WZH plastic chicken feeding pan Supplier

2019-04-03 06:54:46

WZH plastic chicken feeding pan for poultry farm is with V-shaped corrugated trays in the bottom, 14-column grid. It can store 800-1600 grams of feed, raise 40-50 chickens. Trays quantity can be easily adjusted as needed.

  Feed pan is ideal for whole raising period from brooding to slaughter.The suitable pan height is easy to get feed.360° feed distribution improve uniformity.Special designed feed cone with wings prevents feed waste.Control pan ensure fresh feed supply,provide hygienic feed to birds and excellent feed conversion rate.  Convenient adjustment of feed level.Feed pan is available to rotate 360 degrees,available to swing vertically or fix without rotation.  Optional shut-off slide, suitable for partition feeding.Special hinged-type opening at bottom for easy cleaning and disinfection. Adjustable feeding line of optional position for different period birds.When cleaning, easy to lift.

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  Automatic Poultry Feeding System :

  1. V-shaped corrugated pan bottom can reduce stored feed quantity, keep chicken feed fresh, prevent chicks staying on trays long time for feeding or resting.

  2. Bottom of the pan is hanging on the feeding tube, easy for removal.When it needs flushing, you do not have to remove the entire parts, convenient and healthy.

  3. Rotating the upper and lower positioning could adjust the feeding quantity, convenient , accurate and fast.

  4. Hanging chicken water feed pan could be removed and set on the ground, as the baby chicken feeding tray.

  5. Smooth inner sloping outer edge, preventing broiler craw from injury, keep broiler comfortable and safe to eat

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