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What Is an Automatic Chicken Feeder

2019-11-11 11:38:18

  Poultry productions are following some pattern of agriculture – growing into a large operation and become mechanized, and the device that is making that change both largely possible and profitable is the automatic or mechanical feeder, a more comparatively new invention. Ever since the incubator permitted for a large scale that hatching of chicks, bottlenecks of the chicken farm has been the feeding of the flocks. When this is done by hand it was more costly, and time consuming – and also feed consuming process. The automatic chicken feeding system has broken that bottleneck.


  The feeder is simply a machine that takes feed from a central hopper or bin out to feed the birds continuously all day. In place of having to fill the score of separate feeding troughs, the poultry man fills just one – the hopper – and does it just this process once a day. There is also a manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line. For a basic layout of the Automatic Chicken Feeder for poultry, you can have a look on HIGHTOP Chicken Feeders.

  These are the complete set of automatic chicken feeding system are consists of following:

  The Feed Tank.

  Feed Silos.

  Traveling Hooper.

  Feed discharge.

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