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2019-01-29 07:19:26

Advantages of Automatic Feeder over Hand Feeding

The advantages of the automatic feeding are handling the feeding are many. First of all, 

this course is the saving of feed. Many users claims that the machine may pay for itself within one

 to two years and the saving in feed alone for the hens and 3 to 4 months for the broilers.

Poultry Nipple Drinking System China .jpg

The saving in feeds system is comes from two ways. The birds are not waste feed by billing it and

 out from an automatic’s trough because they do from a hand-filled trough. The movement of 

the chain seems to be attracted them, and also encouraging the birds to eat more and more.

Secondly the saving is in labor. In place of spending hours each days filling troughs, the poultry 

man may dump a few bags of feed into the hopper, and check the chain and feeding system – to 

forget the feeders for the day. He does not have to clean troughs. In place of taking in one set 

and putting them out a larger one as the birds grow, he merely raises trough and hopper in a 

little higher. Unlike hand feeders little or no cleaning of these trough is necessary.

The indication of the time and the labor saving may give by the experience of the WZH And, 

none cares for 40,000 to 50,000 broilers instead of 10,000 he would when hand feeders were 

used for feeding.

Considering these advantages and reduction of manual effort for your poultry, It would be 

personally recommend that you need to think of a Automatic Chicken Feeders if you haven’t 

done it yet. Also, have a quality service providers for the production are not an easy task to find.

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