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Wholesale Chick Farm House Manual Plastic Poultry Feeder

2019-04-04 07:26:11

      The pan which features a special shape designed to avoid waste

  The adjustment device that dispenses the feed accurately

  The grid designed to ensure easy access and featuring a special spill proof edge

  The Internal cone, Designed with 3 openings to facilitate feed flow for chicks

  Montage of the feed pan easy and the special opening on top is for a steel cable that will

  keep the chicken from climbing on the feed line.

Wholesale Chick Farm House Manual Plastic Poultry Feeder.jpg

  1. Rills feed pan with special designed, Moderate quantity of the grill for chicks at different

  ages, that can save feed and even the brood chickens.

  2. W shallow plate, 5.5 plate edge height makes brood chicken go in and out conveniently

  3. No need to open feed pan. Perch feed downfall shutter is used for brood chickens, feed downfalls to the side of W shallow plate, to make sure that even the chicken stand outside the pans, they can also eat feed conveniently

  4. It looks colourful, so that chicken can easy see the feed pan and eat the feed

  5. PP material,Firm and durable, corrosion resistance, long using life

  6.Convenient to dismantle, Easy to clean

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