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Why Choose Poultry Automatic feeding system for Chicken

2019-06-24 08:01:34

  By using a complete set of automatic feeding system, it does not require any person to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process, the whole process is completely automatic.


Poultry Automatic feeding system Advantages:

  Proper distribution of feed and water is a very important role player in your poultry business as they determine and affect on the health and production of eggs and chickens directly. Almost a decade ago, feeding and watering of chickens was totally based on manual functions. But as technology has been immersing, you can easily find an Automatic solution to the feeding problem for chicken breeds that can both save your time and money.

Poultry Feed Silo.jpg

Features and Specs of Automatic Chicken Feed System

  The complete automatic solution to chicken feed and watering do not require any manual interruption. The set of automatic chicken feed system for chicken breeds consists of:

Automatic Chicken Feeder For All Poultry.jpg

  The Feed Tank.

  Feed Silos.

  Traveling Hooper.

  Feed discharge.

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