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Why to Start Poultry farming Business?

2019-01-05 03:23:34

Now you can see poultry farming business is a very easy way to make a good profit.If you are

 interested in being a poultry farmer, you must want to know how to start a successful poultry 

farming business, this article including some tips which could be helpful for you.

Why to Start Poultry farming Business

Poultry farming business can be called one of the lucrative in the world if it is managed 

properly. The poultry farmers now we have are not enough that’s why poultry farming business

 has become so much profitable. It has become the finest opportunity of making a good amount 

of money in a short period of time. This article will focus on the process of poultry farming, 

the process of poultry from small farm and how to make it a big one.

Fast Reproduction and Large in Numbers

A healthy layer  lays an egg every day or 4 eggs in a week sometimes it lays 7 eggs in

 a week too these all depends on the quality of your birds. Some birds can lay 325 eggs in a year.

 And it takes 21 days to hatch. Technically this means that a layer is able to produce another layer

 twice in three days. So, if you have 500 healthy California white birds they are capable of giving

 you 12000 chicks within 40 days.

A Fast Growth Rate

The interesting thing about the poultry is its high growth rate. It takes about 21 days when

 the eggs are hatched. After their birth it takes about 27 to 28 weeks when they are fully ready

 for the market. That means a poultry farmer starts earning his income in just 31 weeks after he 

has successfully started his poultry farming business. According to the calculation he will be able

 to double his income in a year. However there are some uncertainties in this business, mortality 

and diseases are some of them but it can be reduced by taking proper managements and 


Sales at a Very Profitable Price

The market price of a bird is not so low you can a good profit from it. The price of a fully grown

 healthy chicken is about 10 to 11 dollar in the market. So if you are the one who produce 12000

 chickens in 40 days in his farm, you obviously are making 120000 dollar when they are sold 


The Egg Market is Also Large

The egg market is also good and very profitable. With the meat business, the eggs are another 

source of good profit. You can earn about 2 to 3 dollar for each crate of smaller eggs and 3-4 for

 bigger one. Every crate has 30 eggs. So if you have 500 layers in your farm and they lays 12000 

eggs in a month and if you want to sell all of them then you are making 1500 dollar per month.

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