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  • Chicken Farming Feed Auger
  • Chicken Farming Feed Auger
  • Chicken Farming Feed Auger
  • Chicken Farming Feed Auger
  • Chicken Farming Feed Auger

Chicken Farming Feed Auger


Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Model Number: FH-1103 and other models

Transmission Speed: 450kg/h

The Pan: 330mm,14 slots

Auger: spring auger

Application to: poultry farm

Use Time: long service life

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Chicken Farming Feed Auger

Auger feeding line system is mainly composed of feed boots, auger, feed pipe, feed droper, feed hopper, level sensor, and the motor drive device.

  Feed boots is the connection device between the silo and feeding line , single feed boots can work with single or multi-feeding line, which can realize the single silo work with two houses or several feeding line.

  Auger is the feed transmission core devices, its material is durable alloy, several diameters auger available for different feeding capacity.

  Feeding pipe can be galvanized pipe or PVC pipe, with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant features, standard applied pipe diameter is 45/60/70/90mm, one single straight auger feeding line distance can be up to 120 meters.

  Meat chicken disk type automatic feeding system consists of a driving device, a hopper, a conveying pipe, an auger, trays, a suspension lifting device, an anti-perching device and a feed sensor. The main function of the system is to convey the feed in the hopper into each tray to ensure the eating of the meat chickens and automatically control the conveying opening/closing of the motor by the material level sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.


Performance Parameters of Feeding Line System

  1. High-quality special driving reduction motor.

  Power: 0.75kw, Voltage:380V Frequency: 50HZ, Three-phase

  2. V-shaped Bin ( with Hopper)

  Bin Volume: 115L, Hopper volume: 38L

  Material: Hot-DIP galvanized sheet

  3. Feeding system

  Diameter of conveying pip: Φ 45mm

  Material: Hot-DIP galvanized steel pipe with the zinc coating amount of more than 275 g/m2

  Helical spring auger from South Africa, feeding capacity: 450kg/h.

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